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Private One-On-One Coaching
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Clarity Coaching is
for you if...

  • You are looking for lasered focus time to work on your goals with the undivided attention/support of your coach

  • You are driven to action and are choosing serious accountability - No BS

  • You are a leader in your everyday life and want a skilled individual to ask you the tough questions and share honest observations that will build your awareness while bringing your wants to reality.

  • You want support in building what “you” say you want.  Not what someone else thinks you should do/have.

  • Utmost confidentiality is essential

Clarity Coaching for High-Achieving Women


Strong women often lack a safe place to be vulnerable. 

Leaders rarely get honest feedback or helpful nudges

Success can be an isolating experience

When you’re the one everyone goes to, where do YOU go?

One-to-One Packages Options:


  • Hyper Define Your Goal to Gain Crystal Clear Clarity 

  • Identify your natural strengths 

  • Create actionable steps partnered with accountability checks from Coach Heather 

  • Implement decision-making and transition management strategies

  • Master your healthy mindset 

  • Create a private and confidential container to fully show up 

  • Silence your inner critic and trust your own authority 

  • Permanently remove any limiting beliefs that have held you back from transitioning to your next 

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