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Clarity Coaching for High-Achieving Women

Change Your Path, Find Your Clarity

Be Supported  
Make Your Move  
Love Your Life  

It Really Can Be Lonely at the Top

  • Strong women often lack a safe place to be vulnerable
  • Leaders rarely get honest feedback or helpful nudges
  • Success can be an isolating experience
  • When you're the one everyone goes to, where do you go?

Scaling, Climbing, Retiring or Starting Fresh

Whatever new path you're navigating,
Grato Coaching shines the light.
Trust Yourself
Supportive relationships bring out the best in human beings. Strong women are no exception. Find safe, enlightening connections to help you silence your inner critic and trust your own authority.
Gain Clarity
It's easier to discover what we want when someone else asks the questions. Then with that skillful listener in your corner, gently digging deeper, she guides you to your own answers.
Move Forward
With renewed focus, you're ready to move into action. Heather coaches you through decision-making and transition management strategies. With her gentle nudges and accountability, you'll rediscover trust in your own ability to get what you want.

"No matter how accomplished she is, each woman deserves a safe, supportive space to navigate changes and challenges."

- Heather Alexander

Clarity Life Coach for High-Achieving Women

Hi I’m Heather Alexander,  owner of multiple successful businesses and an expert Clarity Life Coach for Female Leaders.  I started my career in the people helping profession back in 1988 when I worked with youth incarcerated in the criminal justice system. After leaving my chosen career I’ve spent the  last 23+ years  building businesses and coaching female leaders.  I have generated multi millions in revenue and successfully worked with female Doctors, Judges, CPA’s, Top Realtors and numerous  Female Business Owners.  Today as a Clarity Life Coach I help my clients move from a feeling of stuck to unstuck by using my proven system of Clarity, Action, Accountability and Results.


Change is particularly uncomfortable for women like you (and me). Who have worked hard and achieved themselves into a particular identity.  We’re overwhelmed by the idea of making a change because we’re unsure about who we will become.  I understand the pressure and risks that come with significant transitions.  But I believe no woman should feel stuck in a life that doesn’t feel quite right.

The good news is you don’t have to do it alone.  I help successful women navigate change with action-oriented life and leadership coaching.  As your supportive guide, my job is to help you find your inner clarity and confidence so you can trust yourself as your own highest authority.  You already have everything you need to get to where you want to go.  I’m here to help access it.


It’s okay not to have all the answers right now.  So let’s talk about how coaching will help you find the rewards on the other side of change – freedom, joy and abundance without apology.

- Heather Alexander, ACC

First Steps Made Easy

Book A Free Call


Tell me about you and the change or challenge you're facing.
Choose Your Timeline


You know you best! Are you ready to commit to 3 or 6 months to reach your desired goal?
Move With Clarity


Understanding why you feel restless and what will change that. From there, you'll confidently move forward with auction that gets results. 

Who said high achievers have to do it alone?

Sometimes the only thing between you and greater success is a transition. You'll find a life you love on the other side of the change, but first, you need to find your way through it. As a leader, the problem is that you might not have safe, honest support as you choose and strategize your new path. We believe dynamic and successful women shouldn't have to navigate change alone. 

We understand that asking for help can feel like giving up control, but it's just the opposite. Grato empowers you with results-oriented coaching, so you have everything you need to take control - just in a new way. 

So, book a call with Coach Heather Alexander. And in the meantime, take our Transition Quiz, so you can stop wondering "What if" and instead lead yourself towards a life you love.   


Coaching Paths

Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 12.44.56 PM.png

The Grato System

Go from Stuck to Unstuck




Space and grace to self actualize your desired result



Creating the plan and using the tools to ensure your goal is materialized  



Holding you responsible for the action plan to ensure a forward momentum is achieved



The practice of being present and appreciating the abundance of what you've achieved 

"The natural strengths that we women use to impact others should be a gift given back to ourselves. Professional coaching shows us how to serve ourselves."

- Heather Alexander

Clarity Life Coach for High-Achieving Women

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